Sneak Preview! Hand Made Snowmen Guys & Gals

Meet a few of the Newest Friends in the Holiday Parade!  There is Candy Cane Charlie, Frenchy Cheri, Baseball Bob, Peppermint Patty & more to come, later!  They are as "cool as ice" , but will melt your heart!  Use them for Gift Tags, Scrapbooking, Hanging on the Tree, Gift Card Embellishments, Winter Tree ornamanets, Holiday Wreath add-ons, Window Decor.....I'm using most of mine for Gift Box embellishments!

What could you use them for that I haven't thought of?  These little snow guys & gals will Melt Your Hearts!

                                                            CANDY CANE CHARLIE



                          BASEBALL BOB

  Has Arrived!

Newest Arrivals!!  Check my shop at


I've Got a Secret! Brand New Shop Discovery!

Ok, I did promise to tell a few secrets on my blog!  This jewel of a shop is such a great discovery & I'm going to take you right in to!  You never know what treaure you will fine in this eclectic Vintage Shop!  It's only been opened for a short time, but I'm finding new & unique items every time I peek inside.

                                                         VINTAGE HAND BEADED PURSE

                                                   Multi Colors Exotic


                         Flapper Style Necklace Crystals 

                                   with Baroque Cones



                            Vintage Black Multi Color Long 

                             Striped Scarf Moire Silk Taffeta


                         Vintage 30s Asian Silk Satin Palazzo

                                Pants Tank Top & Jacket                                           




                              Vintage Lady of Fatima

                              Religious Medal Necklace

                                                     HAVE FUN BROWSING & SHOPPING IN


Tutorial: Let's Create A Winter Gift Card!

I am having a great time getting my Autumn & Winter embellishments together to create my own collection of Gift Cards.  When I have a little extra time, and lots of bits & pieces leftover from my other projects,  I sit down and make a few special Gift Cards to have ready when I need one!  I love using Inchies that I make for my SuppliesHandcrafted shop & I am using Rinchies (round inchies & twinchies) for this Snowman Card.
*Note:  I've listed the supplies that I used.   Feel free to vary from these.

SUPPLIES: Needed for this card:

scissors & zig-zag scissors, if you have them
colored card stock (I chose medium blue)
all purpose glue
fabric scraps  (I used Vintage European light blue wool, red & black checked cotton felt)
buttons (2 for eyes & 1 or 2 for tummy)
1 Focal Embellishment (I used a Snowman Rinchie ) *Note:  See definition at bottom of  this article.

1. Cut card stock into size card you desire (mine is 7" x 5" (18cm x 13cm), folded in half

 2.  Cute shapes for the corner edges of card & glue into place, pressing gently.  Allow to dry.

3.  Open card & choose a design for inside.  I chose a snowflake, made from the wool fabric.
     Place your design in the place you have chosen  & glue.  Allow to dry, slightly.  I also added corner  edging on 1 side, cut w/zig-zag scissors.

4.  I have left the right side, inside, blank.  I will add my greeting in Gold or Silver Leaf Pen.

5. On front of card, decide where you will place your Focal Embellishment (I've used a Snowman from my shop) .

6.  Glue Snowman into place & allow to dry.  I used several wooden clothespins to hold it in place till dry.

7.  Voila!  You have a handcrafted Gift Card that is unique & your family or friends will probably want to frame!

I could have used paper, but decided to up-cycle this piece of wool fabric & my buttons are vintage choices from my collection.  My goal is to create a unique Card that is a "work of art" in itself.  The card can actually be the gift that you give!  They are collectable!

This card is available online:

 I purchase paper from local supplier, but here is a link for a supplier online:

UK Supplier Paper Goods:

Vintage Buttons:

How To Care For Vintage Fabric:

*What are Inchies & Twinchies Anyway?
WHAT IS AN INCHIE? It's 1 x 1" & has so many cool uses!
What is a TWINCHIE? It's 2"x2"

Scrapbooking, albums, notebooks, journals
Wall decor
Add ons for lamps, books, pics, frames
Mixed Media Artworks
Classroom decorations
Add ons for caps, vests, etc
Lunch box Surprises! (you can write a note on the back of these)
Christmas tree decorations
Holiday Decorations
Gift box & bag add-ons
Cards, stationery

I've Got a Secret & It's Keeping Me Young!

I just have to tell you, as bold as it may sound, but I am so enjoying creating my newest Gift Tags from my own original Collage Art! I never realized how much pleasure I could get out of turning my own creations into new mini creations! It's hard for me to put them down & do anything else that I need to do around here!!!

As usual, I'm surrounded by paper, , scissors, glue, ribbons,gold leaf ink, rulers, edgers & lots of tiny collage images! I hope I never grow up & put the scissors & paper away!

Peek Into The Past

               A DOG’S LIFE IN GREECE
    Born in a Greek village in the south of Greece, DeeDee was gifted to me, and I moved her to northern Greece, where I live.  She now calls Panorama, near Thessaloniki, her winter home.  She summers in Gerakini, our beach home located on the beautiful coastline of the Aegean Sea. DeeDee quickly adjusted to the northern life-style and became fluent in both Greek and English. Without a doubt, since she is a Griffon, I’m sure that her skills in French would be more than adequate, given a little exposure to it.

Check out the entire article in Esty Storque!  DeeDee, the doggy is now 10 years !  Tell me about your Pet! I'd love to feature some of your pets, in pictures!

Vintage Fresh Apple Cake

Ok, Autumn is in the air, so let's eat Apple & Walnut Bundt Cake to celebrate the season!!  It's another "Susy's Secret" I've decided to let out of the bag!  So, here it is!!  Just made it today!

*Preheat oven to 350F (180C)                                                              Butter & lightly flour Large Bundt Pan

Ingredients:   1 1/2 cups of salad oil  (375gr)            
                     2 cups sugar  (440gr)                         
\                                                                      3 eggs
                                                 3 cups flour (660 gr)  I use half whole   wheat & half white
                                                    1 tsp salt  (1 teaspoon)
                                                    1 tsp. baking soda  ( teaspoon)                 
                                                    3 cups fresh apples, chopped
                                                   (660gr) approx 4 med. apples
\                                                   1 cup walnuts, chopped  (220gr)                                       
In a large bowl, combine oil, sugar & add  eggs, 1 at a time.  Mix well beating between each egg addition.  Mix flour, salt & baking soda, in a med. size bowl.  (Reserve 1/4 cup of flour to add to apples & nuts.)  Gradually add flour mixture to oil mixture.  The batter will become thick.  Using reserved 1/4 cup of flour, mix well with chopped apples & chopped walnuts.  Add 1 tsp. of cinnamon to apple/nut mixture.  Add apple mixture to batter & mix with a spoon.  Spoon the thick batter into a large bundt pan.  Bake in 350F (180C) oven for approximately 1 hour & 10 minutes.  Maybe a few minutes longer.  Should spring back when touched gently.
Remove from oven &;cool for 30 minutes in the pan.  Remove from pan, by turning out onto plate. Cool completely.

Glaze is optional, but yummy!

  Bring all ingredients to a vigorous boil, stirring. Remove from heat.
1/4 stick butter                   3/4 cups sugar
1/4 cup cream or evaporated milk                                     

Set aside; stir occasionally till cool. Dribble on cool cake.


September at the Beach!

I admit, I'm still trying to hang on to summer!  The sun, the sand, the sea, oh how you live in head & heart tell me I'm a mermaid, but the mirror disagrees!  Let me give you a peek into my morning at our beach house.  I wake up to the sound of the waves & know I must have my cup of coffee with milk, or, milk with coffee is more like it!  Sitting on the balcony, overlooking the sea, I know that it's time to  get dressed, grab my electric blue net bag & head to the beach for an early morning treasure hunt!  I'll walk the same beach that I've walked for many years, but every day is a new adventure for me!  I never know what I'll see or find. Sea shells, sea glass, pottery pieces, the occasional crab & a few early morning walkers are sure to be found.  Have you ever been followed down the water's edge by a sea gull?  Well, let me tell you they aren't as shy as you would think! I finish off the early morning "hunt" with a swim.  Me, myself & I are usually the only swimmers that early!  Back up at the house, I'm ready to check my emails  & begin my new creations, filled with new spirit!

These September days are greyer & chillier, but I'm not slowed down, determined to squeeze every last breath out of summer, until we meet again, next June!  If you are looking for me, don't rush to town, as I'll be the last mermaid to leave!