I've Got a Secret & It's Keeping Me Young!

I just have to tell you, as bold as it may sound, but I am so enjoying creating my newest Gift Tags from my own original Collage Art! I never realized how much pleasure I could get out of turning my own creations into new mini creations! It's hard for me to put them down & do anything else that I need to do around here!!!

As usual, I'm surrounded by paper, , scissors, glue, ribbons,gold leaf ink, rulers, edgers & lots of tiny collage images! I hope I never grow up & put the scissors & paper away!


Burning Moon said...

That is a a great idea of using older material & a great way to recycle its always nice to see people doing so

Chichiboulie said...

Have fun!!

BohemianButterfly said...

Thanks for ur lovely comment on my blog...and I must say I am sure that I am also going to have a great time following your blog...well done, it's amazing!

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