Peek Into The Past

               A DOG’S LIFE IN GREECE
    Born in a Greek village in the south of Greece, DeeDee was gifted to me, and I moved her to northern Greece, where I live.  She now calls Panorama, near Thessaloniki, her winter home.  She summers in Gerakini, our beach home located on the beautiful coastline of the Aegean Sea. DeeDee quickly adjusted to the northern life-style and became fluent in both Greek and English. Without a doubt, since she is a Griffon, I’m sure that her skills in French would be more than adequate, given a little exposure to it.

Check out the entire article in Esty Storque!  DeeDee, the doggy is now 10 years !  Tell me about your Pet! I'd love to feature some of your pets, in pictures!


Anonymous said...

Wow, DeeDee is sure a lingualistic talent. Congrats on her 10th year, and she sure brings smiles to me. It's a pity I have no live pets, only my own pet sock monster I made. :)

MaritimeArts said...

Awwwww! What a cutie. We have 2 Aussie shepherds. Sooooo much energy.

cabin + cub said...

Awww. very cute! I would like to travel to greece one day... it looks like such a beautiful country! ;)

Anonymous said...

she's so beautiful! x

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