I've Got A Secret!

I have so many secrets, but I want to share this one, first!  I want to introduce you to a very cool artist &  friend!  He is such a great guy and talented artist, that I just can't keep this secret anymore!  Of course, many of you have already seen his creations, as the word slipped out a while ago!   Tucked away on a beautiful island, in Greece, he truly creates  art from the heart!

Bio I am a graphic designer and stock photographer by day that just has to create limited edition and 1-of-a-kind things in my spare time or else I will go crazy!!! I love to make things that are cute, handmade and crafty and a little different than everything else out there!! You can see what I have on sale .
I love to create fun crafty things. I'm finding that I spend more and more time on the computer, I love to learn new things and there's so much to learn out there!!

Thanks for taking the time to view my art.
Each "of my poster" are truly unique...no two are ever the same...each piece
is created with the finest materials!
If you see something you like, or are after something specific feel free to convo me with questions!

Have a nice day
and thank you very much for your visit
MORE INFO IN MY BLOG http://kostas-tsipos.blogspot.com/


artistico said...

wow:) thanks so much souzy :) i ma real happy !!!!! thnks again

SuppliesHandcrafted said...

You have a great talent at creating heartfelt art! I love it! And am the proud owner of quite a few of your creations!

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