I've Got a Secret! Brand New Shop Discovery!

Ok, I did promise to tell a few secrets on my blog!  This jewel of a shop is such a great discovery & I'm going to take you right in to OldSoulsMarket.etsy.com!  You never know what treaure you will fine in this eclectic Vintage Shop!  It's only been opened for a short time, but I'm finding new & unique items every time I peek inside.

                                                         VINTAGE HAND BEADED PURSE

                                                   Multi Colors Exotic



                         Flapper Style Necklace Crystals 

                                   with Baroque Cones





                            Vintage Black Multi Color Long 

                             Striped Scarf Moire Silk Taffeta




                         Vintage 30s Asian Silk Satin Palazzo

                                Pants Tank Top & Jacket                                           





                              Vintage Lady of Fatima

                              Religious Medal Necklace


                                                     HAVE FUN BROWSING & SHOPPING IN



Kreativlink said...

Great selection! :)

Tina said...

Wow, cool items!

The House of Mouse said...

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Your blog looks beautiful!

ingermaaike said...

Gorgeous collection!

Vanti Designs said...

Amazing vintage and fantastic blog!! I love the look, feel, and variety here!

ira said...

Wowo, gorgeous finds!

ira said...

Wow Gorgeous finds!

SuppliesHandcrafted said...

Thanks, everyone!! Isn't that a great new shop!

ivory-moon said...

What a unique and gorgeous shop!!!

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