Holiday Embellishments Original Collage Print Gingerbread N Santa Inchies Set


Set of 6. Ready for you to use in your project! Perfect for adding to your cards, scrapbooks or even for gifts! I've created original collage art designs & printed them for this listings. Both have a vintage look to them. Notice the precious details on each design.

The paper cardstock design is reinforced w/a upcycled cardboard backing. Easy for gluing!

Size: approx. 2" x 2" TWINCHIES

What are Inchies & Twinchies Anyway?
WHAT IS AN INCHIE? It's 1 x 1" & has so many cool uses!
What is a TWINCHIE? It's 2"x2"

Scrapbooking, albums, notebooks, journals
Wall decor
Add ons for lamps, books, pics, frames
Mixed Media Artworks
Classroom decorations
Add ons for caps, vests, etc
Lunch box Surprises! (you can write a note on the back of these)
Christmas tree decorations
Holiday Decorations
Gift box & bag add-ons
Cards, stationery

Use your imagination! The uses are endless!

I'm striving to provide unique, handcrafted Supplies for Etsy creators!

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