Tutorial: Let's Create A Winter Gift Card!

I am having a great time getting my Autumn & Winter embellishments together to create my own collection of Gift Cards.  When I have a little extra time, and lots of bits & pieces leftover from my other projects,  I sit down and make a few special Gift Cards to have ready when I need one!  I love using Inchies that I make for my SuppliesHandcrafted shop & I am using Rinchies (round inchies & twinchies) for this Snowman Card.
*Note:  I've listed the supplies that I used.   Feel free to vary from these.

SUPPLIES: Needed for this card:

scissors & zig-zag scissors, if you have them
colored card stock (I chose medium blue)
all purpose glue
fabric scraps  (I used Vintage European light blue wool, red & black checked cotton felt)
buttons (2 for eyes & 1 or 2 for tummy)
1 Focal Embellishment (I used a Snowman Rinchie ) *Note:  See definition at bottom of  this article.

1. Cut card stock into size card you desire (mine is 7" x 5" (18cm x 13cm), folded in half

 2.  Cute shapes for the corner edges of card & glue into place, pressing gently.  Allow to dry.

3.  Open card & choose a design for inside.  I chose a snowflake, made from the wool fabric.
     Place your design in the place you have chosen  & glue.  Allow to dry, slightly.  I also added corner  edging on 1 side, cut w/zig-zag scissors.

4.  I have left the right side, inside, blank.  I will add my greeting in Gold or Silver Leaf Pen.

5. On front of card, decide where you will place your Focal Embellishment (I've used a Snowman from my shop) .

6.  Glue Snowman into place & allow to dry.  I used several wooden clothespins to hold it in place till dry.

7.  Voila!  You have a handcrafted Gift Card that is unique & your family or friends will probably want to frame!

I could have used paper, but decided to up-cycle this piece of wool fabric & my buttons are vintage choices from my collection.  My goal is to create a unique Card that is a "work of art" in itself.  The card can actually be the gift that you give!  They are collectable!

This card is available online:


 I purchase paper from local supplier, but here is a link for a supplier online:


UK Supplier Paper Goods:

Vintage Buttons:


How To Care For Vintage Fabric:


*What are Inchies & Twinchies Anyway?
WHAT IS AN INCHIE? It's 1 x 1" & has so many cool uses!
What is a TWINCHIE? It's 2"x2"

Scrapbooking, albums, notebooks, journals
Wall decor
Add ons for lamps, books, pics, frames
Mixed Media Artworks
Classroom decorations
Add ons for caps, vests, etc
Lunch box Surprises! (you can write a note on the back of these)
Christmas tree decorations
Holiday Decorations
Gift box & bag add-ons
Cards, stationery